Skywriting or Skytyping are popular alternative outdoor advertising opportunities, and an exceptional way to elevate your brand. Single airplane Skywriting for simple puff design or 10 character messages or try Skytyping with a team of five airplanes in formation at one time. With Skytyping, your computer generated message can be several sentences each of up to 25-30 characters in length. At over 8,000+ feet and visible in the sky from 10-20 miles, Skywriting or Skytyping is a sure way to get you noticed.

Great for corporate awareness and branding at beaches, outdoor events, and for reaching specific demographic and geographic markets. AMS handles all logistics and arrangements. Nationwide campaign tours, and specific flight markets are available. Truly unique – rare and unforgettable.

Skywriting - one airplane

Skytyping - five airplanes at once

AMS Skywriting and Skytyping is for corporate clients only. For that special person, holiday or occasion, you may consider an Aerial Banner message (available in most major markets).