12,000 sq. ft., vertical format

11,250 sq. ft., horizontal format

Heli-Banners ®

Heli-Banner ® displays are the world's largest types of aerial advertising. They are two times the size of passenger blimps and deliver three times the impressions of traditional aerial banners. Sure to get advertisers noticed and ranging in sizes vertically of between 100 feet to over 150 feet, and horizontally up to 200 feet long (up to 25,000 sq. ft. – a football field is 48,000 sq. ft.).

  • Helicopter Banners are flown exclusively by helicopter.
  • Clients include GE, Warner Bros., Chase, Diageo, Quizno's, Wrigley's, American Express, and many others to name a few.

Heli-Banner displays offer state-of-the-art digital artwork capabilities and can include designs, logos, multiple word messages, and changeable sections. Digitally and/or hand sewn and are guaranteed for up to 100 hours of flight.

Perfect for maximum exposure and graphic advertisements, Heli-Banners deliver both bigger impact and higher recall rates for advertisers. Target demographically and geographically at the local, regional, and national levels. Plan multi-market aerial campaigns simultaneously over sporting events (NASCAR, NFL, College Football, MLB), festivals, concerts, AM/PM drive-time traffic, and beaches. Use your existing digital creative (i.e. outdoor billboards, taxi tops, buses, shelters, and wall wraps) to help leverage public relations efforts and as a complement to existing TV, radio, outdoor, internet, and/or print advertising campaigns.

In order for aerial advertising to have maximum impact, SIZE and READABILITY of your banner are crucial. We offer LARGER, more readable aerial banners than anyone else.

Heli-Banner® is a registered trademark of Aerial Media Services, Inc.