Aerial Banners

Aerial Banners are the most common type of aerial advertising. Ranging in sizes from 15-50 feet high and can be up to 120 feet in length (up to 5000 sq. ft.).

  • Aerial banners are flown exclusively by airplane for ensured readability.

These exclusive 15-50 ft. color aerial advertising banners offer changeable sections, logo, and letter combinations. Digitally printed and are guaranteed for one year or up to 125 hours of flight.
Perfect for price conscious advertisers and can be customized to target geographies locally, regionally, and nationally. Plan your next multi-market campaign over specific sporting events (NASCAR, NFL, College Football, MLB), festivals, concerts, AM/PM drive-time traffic, and beaches. You can even use existing digital creative (i.e. outdoor billboards, taxi tops, buses, shelters, and wall wraps) to help complement and leverage existing TV, radio, outdoor, and/or print advertising campaign.
In order for aerial advertising to have maximum impact, SIZE and READABILITY of your banner are crucial. We offer LARGER, more readable aerial banners than anyone else.
Click images below to view AMS client airplane banner & billboard photos.