Aerial Advertising

There are many types of aerial advertising available. AMS provides a full range of services based upon targeted advertising demographics and geographic areas. The table below shows the various ad solutions offered by size, locations, and comparitive costs.

Aerial Advertising Formats – Description, Size, Availability and Cost Comparisons

Ad Type Description Size Locations Cost
Aerial Banner Banners towed by airplane 40' x 100' US, CA $$
Heli-Banner Banners towed by helicopter 100' x 100' US, CA $$$$
Letter Banner Letter messages by airplane 5.5' x 70' US, CA $
Blimp Airship and blimp advertising 30' x 90' US $$$$$
Skywriting Single airplane smoke 2,500' US (select) $$
Skytyping Five airplanes in tandem with smoke 2,500' US (select) $$$
Inflatables Custom shapes and inflatable types various US, CA $

(US) United States · (CA) Canada · ($) Lowest cost · ($$$$$) Highest cost

Top 10 Aerial Advertising Markets:

  1. New York Area, NY (Long Island, Hamptons, Coney Island),
  2. Los Angeles, CA (Malibu, Orange County, Laguna),
  3. Chicago, IL (the Lakefront),
  4. Miami, FL (South Beach, Ft. Lauderdale),
  5. New Jersey, NJ (Cape May, Atlantic City, Point Pleasant),
  6. Houston, TX (Galveston, S. Padre Island, Dallas),
  7. Boston, MA (Cape Cod),
  8. San Francisco, CA (San Jose, Oakland),
  9. Atlanta, GA,
  10. San Diego, CA (La Jolla, Del Mar, Escondido)
* See Markets for more areas, locations, and information on AMS services.