Top Metro DMA's – Markets and Beach Coverage Locations

Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta,
Dallas, Houston, Denver, Phoenix,
Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle,
Los Angeles, San Diego, Northern and Southern California
New York and Long Island beaches,
New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia,
Carolinas, Midwest lakes and Cities,
Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando
Cape Cod, New England beaches,
S. Padre Island and Texas

* AMS offers advertising opportunities in US and Canada locations, allowing your advertising campaigns flexibility to reach your target audiences geographically.

Reach and Impressions

Aerial advertising delivers alternative outdoor in an uncluttered, one-of-a kind reach in ways other advertising mediums cannot. From local sporting events and concerts to daily traffic areas in top DMA market locations at the same time – It's targeted and coverage is second to none.

Locations and Events

Major Downtown Traffic Areas, Roadways, Freeways, and Interstates
Nationwide College and Professional Sporting Events – Football,
Baseball, Basketball, Auto Racing, Volleyball, Horse Racing
Conventions, Conferences and Trade Shows
Stadiums and Outdoor Concert Venues
Festivals and Parade Events
State and Local Fairs
Marathons and Races
Birthdays, Weddings, Engagements and Parties

Multiple Markets-Simultaneously!

Unique and unforgettable, aerial advertising complements the light television and newspaper viewers (source: Arbitron, 2002). Extend your brand's campaign to include aerial and integrate existing creative with your newspaper and print, radio, and even network television. The sky's the limit - Untapped, large, noticeable, and ever expansive, the aerial medium delivers impressions.

Cost Effective

Aerial advertising delivers extremely efficient CPM's to meet your demographic and geographic objectives. Often times below $4, depending upon specific events and overall populations, and remarkably at lower costs when compared to other forms of traditional media. Ask an AMS representative for comparisons to other advertising mediums and see for yourself that aerial media is effective for both the small local to large national and global market advertisers.