AMS assists and creates customized aerial advertising ideas and strategies, simple or detailed, which are READABLE, and designed specifically to achieve client brand marketing objectives both geographically and demographically. The creative strategy helps to build brand identification and increase product awareness and retention. AMS strongly recommends digital creative for professional looking aerial banners with high resolution graphics, pictures, and logos.


AMS oversees your aerial airplane banner and Heli-Banner® display production, beginning to end, and all aspects of digital billboard production including final creative, design layouts and through to the finished product. During production, message readability issues are dealt with in advance prior to final printing, and to pre-flight – NOT in the air!

Planning & Placement Network

Once created and produced, AMS helps to develop the market strategy plan to meet your aerial advertising objectives, provide placement in key DMA's, and arrange coordination of pilots within our network of airplanes, helicopters, blimps, hot air balloons, and inflatable manufacturers to meet your timeline. Worldwide, the AMS network has aired thousands of aerial advertising campaigns and has offered substantial, cost saving guidance to first time buyers.


AMS tracks your entire aerial advertising campaign complete with an affidavit of performance upon the campaign's completion. An AMS representative will keep you current as to the campaign's process throughout and additionally can offer approximate brand and message recall figures as well as audience impression levels. In many markets, GPS tracking with route mapping and timing performance is now additionally available.